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Hi... I’m Mike Steup and I have a question for you…

If I could show you a way to immediately double – maybe even TRIPLE – the number of sales you generate, would you like to hear more?

The secret is very simple… VIDEO SALES LETTERS

It’s been tested again and again, and the results are now in.

A video sales letter has been proven to outperform a traditional long-form text sales letter by a factor of up to THREE.

So there’s now little room of any doubt: video sales letters are the future of selling online, because they can produce up to THREE TIMES the conversions of an equivalent text sales letter.

What’s most striking is the wealth of statistics coming from independent research that reinforce the important place of video sales letters in today’s marketing.

For example, ‘Internet Retailer’ reports that in a survey of consumers 52% said they felt more confident making purchases after watching a product video.

Puppy Dog Close

And that’s because of something we marketers call ‘The Puppy Dog Close’

It’s a proven psychological ploy based on the idea that if you get the prospects to take the puppy home for the weekend, the sale is almost guaranteed, because even the most hard-hearted prospect would never bring the puppy back.

And it’s the reason why the car dealer will go to any lengths to get you to take a test drive, because – once you are behind the wheel – you IMAGINE you already own the vehicle.

And, while a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, it remains a fact that the video narration is the glue that binds the whole video together.

In fact, ‘words on the screen’ videos, where the words that the narrator is speaking appear on the screen - like the video you see at the top of this page - pioneered by marketing wizard Ryan Deiss produce some of the best conversion rates of all.

But There's a Problem...

...And it's a Pretty Big One

Because as effective as video sales letters are, it’s no good just putting any old words in any old sequence and expect to enjoy 300% better results than a painstakingly created text sales letter.

You see, there’s a science behind every successful enterprise, whether it’s putting Neil Armstrong on the moon or baking a cake.

Just throw any old ingredients in a bowl and you can guarantee to end up with a sticky mess.

But, use a proven recipe and you can rely on complete success - every time.

And so it is with video sales letters.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been where you probably are now: conscious that I really SHOULD use a video sales letter, rather than an outdated text sales letter, but without much of a clue how to actually create the script.

So I studied every video sales letter I could find and reverse engineered them to see what made them successful.

It was hard to begin with and I almost gave up several times.

And, in one of my worst moments, I vowed that – if I ever managed to ‘crack the VSL code’ I would reach down and give a helping hand to other good folks, like you, who know they should be using video sales letters, but don’t quite know how.

And I Finally Found a System That Produced Results and Could be Replicated...

Slowly a pattern of commonality between all the successful video sales letters I analyzed began to emerge and from that I created a tentative outline of my perfect video sales letter formula.

Eventually, after burning a few more gallons of midnight oil, I had tweaked and honed my video sales letter formula until it really did give me much better conversions than I had ever achieved with a traditional long form sales letter.

And I haven’t’ forgotten that solemn vow made in the depths of my despair.

So, to keep my karma sparkling clean, I’ve now created a step by step formula that takes you by the hand and shows you in 13 simple steps exactly how you should create your video sales letters for spectacular results.

And, what makes my program unique - and so very effective - is the way I show you the research and preparation that’s VITAL you do first to guarantee your success.

Skip this part and it’s like building your house on sand – a recipe for disaster.

Many folks – including many professional copywriters – fail to do this and then wonder why their VSLs don’t bring home the bacon.

So Here’s What I Have For You Inside My VSL Formula Program

First you’ll discover the vital art of understanding your target market and your ideal customer, because you ignore this at your peril!
And then I’ll reveal the little understood reasons why a video sales letter outperforms a static letter so dramatically.
I’ll also drill down to the red-hot core of what makes a successful sales letter – whether a video or a static letter.
I’ll also open your eyes to the REAL reasons people buy things, because – once you understand this – you’ll be miles ahead of most copywriters.
VSL Formula
I’ll also reveal how to analyze the product – any product - and clearly understand its strengths and weaknesses.
And I’ll give you the inside track on researching your competitors, too.
Then we’ll look at the vital matter of creating an avatar – or identity - of your ideal customer.
I’ll also cover probably the most difficult objection of all to overcome - your prospect’s own self-doubt.

By then you’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of the proper foundation for every successful project.

And it’s at that point that I’ll take you through the 13 simple steps to create the perfect video sales letter script.

And, because you have that vital understanding of what goes on in the background, you’ll be in the happy position of producing powerful VSLs that leave your competitors choking in your dust and wondering what happened!

100% Risk Free - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

By now you might be wondering about the size of your investment in this program, because you can clearly see it might cost a great deal.

You’re right, but before I reveal the very special deal I have for you today, I want to make this crystal clear.

I take all the risk here.

You see, I know just how effective my program is, but nothing beats you being able to prove to yourself my program really works and that you can deploy it effectively.

So I’m going to let you take the whole program away for a 60 day test drive.

That way you can be completely happy this program is perfect for you before you finally decide to keep it.

And if you decide it’s not for you, just shoot me a quick email and I’ll return every penny of your investment.

Ah, yes – your investment.

I’ve set that at $47.

But, I’m only just releasing this product, so you’re in the right place at exactly the right time. You can get VSL Formula for less than that today.

Because, if you move fast, you can snag a very handy pre-launch discount slashing your investment today to just the amount you see below.

Bonus: Super-Charge Your Sales By Learning Exactly What Makes Someone Click on That "Buy Now" Button...

What’s more, I’m so determined that you’ll have everything you can possibly need to make creating your VSLs as effective as possible.

So I’ve created a stunning bonus for you, covering the KEY part of any sale – getting the prospect to press that ‘buy’ button.

And for that you need some scientifically tested highly effective call to action strategies.

So here’s a quick glimpse inside this 29 page field manual packed with clever techniques to get those ‘Notification of payment’ emails flooding in.

First it covers the key FATAL mistake that stops many sales happening – so you’ll want to know all about that for sure.
Then I’ll drill down and show you what a call to action really is, along with some specific examples.
Then I’ll give you five calls to action you can use in your emails and other written forms of sales copy, as well as your VSLs.
7 Calls to Action Bonus

After that, I’ll give you some specific calls to action for your video sales letters, which will also work very well in your emails and particularly on your opt in and squeeze pages, where you capture the name and address of new subscribers.

Finally, we’ll look a subject that few people ever think about – which is a BIG mistake.


You see it’s just as important to NOT use the WRONG word as it is to say the RIGHT word, because your choice of word can definitely make a dramatic difference to your bottom line.

I hate to inject a negative note here, but it’s only fair to warn you… I will shortly be launching my Call To Action Field Manual as a stand alone product.

That means every one I give away here is a sale I won’t make later. So I’m only giving away enough copies to start the wagon rolling. Once I feel enough free copies have been given out, I’ll withdraw the bonus.

So, if you want to avoid having to spend money to get this later and immediately enjoy the power to supercharge your VSLs with these surefire calls to action, then my best advice is to get on board now, while it’s hot on your mind.

In fact, it makes DOUBLE GOOD SENSE to go ahead right away, because your investment will never be lower than you see below, right now, and can shoot up to 47 bucks at any time - without warning.

So click the button below right now to claim your copy of the VSL Formula and your Call to Action Field Manual while it’s still part of this introductory offer.

And remember . . . if you leave now, the price could more than DOUBLE when you come back later. So click the button below to take advantage of this risk free offer at the lowest price.

You will gain instant access to the download page after completing your purchase.

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